Souvlaki George

In 1983, George took a bold step by leaving his homeland in Greece and embarking on a journey to a new and unfamiliar place. His vision was clear, and his dream was to introduce the rich flavors of Greek cuisine to a new audience. This dream came to fruition in 1988 when he opened the doors to his very own restaurant, marking the beginning of a culinary legacy.

As time went by, George’s unwavering commitment to preserving the authenticity of the dishes he had grown up with became evident. His dedication to original recipes ensured that the restaurant’s menu remained a time capsule of flavors from his Greek heritage. The recipes he used then, which are still employed today, have stood the test of time, consistently delivering the same delectable tastes that patrons have come to cherish for over three decades.

What makes this establishment truly special is that it’s not just a restaurant; it’s a family-run business that has thrived for 34 years. In addition to George’s culinary prowess, his wife later joined him in running the business, making it a true labor of love for the entire family. Their joint commitment to providing exceptional dining experiences has been at the heart of the restaurant’s success.


Souvlaki George offers exquisite catering services for business events and private parties, delivering a Greek culinary experience that’s unforgettable.


Souvlaki George offers fast delivery to NDG, Cote St Luc, Westmount, Hampstead, Lasalle, Lachine, Verdun & Downtown.


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